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Seeing Alaska by cruise ship is one of the most breathtaking ways to visit this far north state. Several cruise lines send ships to Alaska between April and typically October - great deals are frequently available. Check out these options:

Alaska Cruise Ship Glacier pictureYou can find couples-only cruises, singles-only cruises, family cruises. High rollers can be rest assured that there are luxurious cruise options, but at the same time, if you're on a budget, you can find discounted cruises to meet you needs. In short, there is something for everyone!

Planning a cruise to Alaska is great for those eager to vacation but not interested in taking months to plan out the trip.

With a cruise, you'll get an all-inclusive vacation package, full of interesting sites to see and fun things to do while at sea. Don't forget to sign up for trips to shore, as your ship will probably stop at a number of ports. Taking a day-trip to land can help you really understand the culture of this great state.

Of course, you can plan a cruise on your vacation in the opposite way, as well. Instead of seeing most of Alaska by sea and simply heading to shore at a few select ports, travel through Alaska by land and book two or three shorter cruises out to sea. This is a good option if you're planning an Alaskan RV trip or staying in a major port city for the duration of your visit.

Most people in the United States never travel to Alaska in their lifetimes, which is a shame because this state has so much to offer in the summer. Other love it so much they decide to move there and get a job in Alaska. No matter what your budget or what your interests, you can find an Alaska cruise that is perfect for you.

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