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Why Alaska?

If you're interested in planning a cruise, you'll quickly find that the most popular destinations are in the Caribbean. In fact, Alaska is probably not the first place most travel agents mention, even if you specifically mention that you'd like to stay in the United States. However, Alaska is a beautiful, relatively unspoiled part of the world, and one of only two states that is not directly connected to the "lower 48 states." It is a state that is full of activities, from rock climbing to whale watching and from horseback riding to hiking through the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. Choosing Alaska for your cruise might be perfect for you!

Alaska is perfect for cruising because it offers you several days at sea on the way to this state, depending on your departure point in the Pacific Northwest, allowing you to fully enjoy the sea portion of the cruise without the potential stress of being on and off the boat all the time. After about four days at sea, depending on your first port of call, you can hop off the ship in an entirely different part of the country. This change can seem dramatic after several days of sea views, and is a wonderful way to first experience the beauty of Alaska.

From the port towns, you can either go out and do one of the activities which you can set up as part of your cruise or you can spend some time enjoying the port town itself. Some of the unique activities you can do while on an Alaska cruise:

Choosing Alaska also means that you're staying within the Unites States, which can be good for people who don't want to deal with the hassles of passports and other official travel documents. You'll be able to purchase whatever you want without worrying about importing laws, like you would if you'd be in another country, and you can be rest assured that everything, from the water to the hotel food, is safe and up to United States standards. Alaska is a great way to great that "foreign country" feel without actually going abroad.

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