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Alaska Weather and Climate

The Alaskan Climate that you are going to be running into has a lot of variation. Therefore, the time of the year in which you cruise is going to be important. Many Alaskan cruises take place in the summer months. During this time you will be able to enjoy warm temperatures for most of your cruise - although not as hot as you would in the Caribbean. There will be plenty of sunlight if you cruise in the summer, as well, because during the peak of summer it is light in Alaska almost all day and night long. This can add an enjoyable factor to your cruising as well. Most cruises take place in the summer months, so that you can enjoy the beauty of Alaska but also the fun of a summer cruise as well.

If you take your Alaskan cruise in the winter months, you are going to be cold-cruising. You will be basically cruising in cold waters with cold temperatures. However, for winter cruises, there is much to do inside the warmth of the cruise ship. Many of the Alaskan cruises do not take place in the winter, but for those few that do, they can be a very interesting time for all.

No matter whether you are cruising in the winter or the summer, your Alaskan cruise will take you to see glaciers and ice bergs. This will mean that the water and the weather will get a little bit colder as you go. However, it is an absolutely breathtaking view, so it is worth the cold weather.

In general, you will be looking at a slightly colder cruise than you might be used to. However, the breathtaking beauty of Alaska all around you is something that makes the coldest day completely worth it. It is also a brand new experience to cruise in these kinds of conditions, and many people find that it is more fun than they would have imagined.

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