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If you are looking for an inexpensive way to experience an Alaskan cruise, then keep in mind that you may be sacrificing the quality of your trip for the experience itself. Any cruise worth taking won't be cheap. If, however, you would like to be able to take an Alaskan cruise on a budget, then there are discount cruises and ways that you can pinch your pennies. Use the following secrets to cut costs on your Alaska cruises.

One of the primary things that is cut when your cruise cost is slashed is the number of ports of call. You may only actually stop off in one or two cities, although you can also cut the cost of your trip to as little as less than $600 per person. The cruise ship will also likely be smaller, which means fewer amenities.

On a discount cruise, do not expect to find the movie theater that you would find on other cruise ships. You may find that other amenities are removed or reduced as well. For example, there may be only a single bar instead of several choices to pick from, and you may find that there are a couple of treadmills instead of the modern gym that you would expect from a full cruise. These smaller cruise ships, however, can be more intimate and are perfect if you enjoy activities like lounging by the pool.

Cruises may also be cheaper because they travel during the very early or very late part of the cruise season, which would be in early May or even in April and in late September. Discount cruises may arrive in Alaskan ports before the tourist shops are really open for business or after they have closed for the season, meaning that it is harder to get the most out of your trip.

It may be best to make other sacrifices to get yourself to Alaska, like choosing a shorter duration cruise and taking an inside room so that you can get the best experience cruise ships and the peak of the traveling season have to offer. Even if you have a relatively small budget, discount cruise options are available - just be willing to make a few sacrifices!

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