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Haines Travel Guide

Billed as the most beautiful port of call on the Inside Passage, Haines is also the smallest. More than thirteen ships visited Haines last year. Nestled in the scenic Chilkat Valley, Haines offers docking facilities for only one large ship at a time. This, however, translates in an intimate visit to the historic and quaint village.

Posed on the Lynn Canal, Haines was originally called "Dei-Shu" or "End of the Trail" by its original settlers, the Tlingit Indians. Klukwan, the mother village of the Tlingits is 22 miles north of Haines and is a thriving community today. Shops featuring art, crafts and nature oriented gifts are available in walking distance of Port Chilkoot, the docking location for ships. Globally recognized artists have flocked to Haines for the inspirational quality of its surroundings.

The first permanent army post in Alaska was Fort William H. Seward, named for William H. Seward, Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of the Interior and the engineer of the Alaska purchase from Russia in 1867. Established as a result of border tensions with Canada in 1902, the name of the fort was changed to Fort Chilkoot in 1922 as a result of confusion with the city of Seward in the US postal service. The original name was resumed in 1972 when the site was declared a historic site. Today, the buildings are privately owned and house gift ships, artist's galleries and homes.

Haines is probably best known for its wildlife viewing opportunities. Wildlife is abundant in the Chilkat Valley and even in the downtown area. Both black and brown bears inhabit the valley and may be seen at almost any time, but along the Chilkoot River is the major gathering place for the bears as they fish for spawning salmon from mid-June to October with July and August the peak months for viewing.

"Valley of the Eagles," Haines is known for its large winter gathering of bald eagles on the Chilkat River near town. The Bald Eagle Preserve was established in 1982 as an Alaska State Park to protect a critical habitat for eagles. Over 80 bald eagle nests exist in the Preserve as well as a year round population in the low hundreds. As other rivers freeze over and food becomes scarce, parts of the Chilkat River remain ice free due to an "alluvial fan", a fan shaped pile of rocks at the confluence of three rivers. Water seeps into the deep spaces between the rocks. Then, as temperatures drop, this warmer water gradually mingles with the waters of the Chilkat, keeping parts of the river ice free. The chum salmon spawn in these waters and more than 3000 eagles converge on the area between mid-October and January. Haines hosts the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival each November.


Population: 1,811
Annual Rainfall: 47.63 inches
Average July Temperature: 66 / 51


Haines Chamber of Commerce
Address: PO Box 1449, Haines 99827 Phone: (907) 766-2202

Haines Convention & Visitors Bureau
Address: 122 2nd Ave S., Haines Phone: (907) 766-2234


Chilkat Valley News
Address: PO Box 630, Haines 99827 Phone: (907) 766-2688


Alaska Indian Arts
Address: Fort Seward, Haines 99827 Phone: (907) 766-2160

Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center
Address: 11 Main St. Phone: 907-766-2366

Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve
Address: Mile 19-21 of the Haines Hwy. Phone: 907-766-2292

American Bald Eagle Foundation Natural History Museum
Address: 2nd Ave. and Haines Hwy. Phone: 907-766-3094

Fort William H Seward National Historic Landmark

The movie "White Fang" by Disney Studios was filmed entirely in Haines.


Hotel Halsingland
Address: Fort Seward, Haines Phone: 907-766-2000 / 800-542-6363

The Alaska Guardhouse
Address: 15 Seward Dr. Fort Seward Phone: 907-766-2566 / 866-290-7445

Captain's Choice Motel
Address: 108 2nd Ave N. Phone: 907-766-3111 / 800-478-2345

Fort Seward Bed & Breakfast
Address: 1 Fort Seward Dr. Phone: 907-766-2856 / 800-615-6676

The Summer Inn Bed & Breakfast
Address: 117 2nd Ave. Phone: 907-766-2970


Bamboo Room
Address: 2nd Ave. near Main St. Phone: 907-766-2800

Address: Soap Suds Alley in Fort Seward Phone: 907-766-2320

Mountain Market
Address: 3rd Ave. and Haines Hwy. Phone: 907-766-3340

Fireweed Restaurant
Address: Historic Bld. #37, Blacksmith Rd. Phone: 907-766-3838

The Lighthouse
Address: Main & Front Streets Phone: 907-766-2442


Haines Borough Library
Address: 111 3rd Ave S Haines 99827

Five parks - state, national and regional - are within
an hour's transportation.


Captain's Choice Motel Car Rentals
Phone: (907) 766-3111 / (800) 478-2345

Eagle's Nest Car Rentals
Phone: (907) 766-2891

Alaska Marine Highway
Phone: (907) 766-2111


Haines Airport
Address: 728 Main St. Phone: (907) 766-2340


Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game - Haines
Address: Mile 1 Haines Hwy. Phone: (907) 766-2625

Haines is the location of one of the remotest lighthouses in North America - The Eldred Lighthouse.


Lynn Canal Medical Clinic
Address: 131 1st Ave. S. Phone: (907) 766-2521


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