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Interview with an Alaska Cruise Director

How did you first get involved with cruises?
I worked my way up the ranks. It started as a summer job for fun, and I loved the industry, so I stayed in it.

Have you always worked with Alaskan voyages?
No - I started, actually, in the Caribbean. When I got the chance to work in Alaska, though, I jumped on it. Alaska is definitely a place unlike any other.

How are Alaskan cruises different from warm-weather cruises?
Actually, they aren't that different at all! Alaska is fairly warm, and while we do have some couples and singles cruises, it is generally a mix of people, just like you'd find in the Caribbean. I will say, though, that the port stops are difference. We're still in the United States. More people are interested in cultural activities than in shopping.

What is your favorite thing about Alaska?
I love the Northern Lights. We don't always get to see them because we're taking care of guests, but when it is my night off, I love to lie on deck and watch the beauty. We actually have an astronomer on board one of our longer cruises that talks about what is happening and about the stars you can see on a clear night. It's a neat thing for passengers to do.

Which Alaskan ports are the best?
I love Nome. We don't go there all of the time, because its so far North. Usually, that's only for long cruises. It's just a cute little city though. I live in Alaska during the off-season, and I love to head to Nome for the dogsledding too. I definitely recommend getting off the ship at Anchorage. It's a nice city. In general, I always tell guests to get off the ship at every stop. It's worth it to see as much of Alaska as possible.

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