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Land-Based Alaskan Cruise Activities

When you travel to Alaska, you will quickly discover that there are dozens, perhaps even hundreds of activities to participate in once you have hit land. You can go back out on the water for a local cruise, or you can head inland. You can stay in port, or you can take to the air. You can go on a physically exhausting hike or you can visit a quiet museum. The cruise ships partner with many activity groups to help you get the fun and exciting activities that can help to make your Alaskan cruise something special to remember. There's something for everyone!

If you prefer to be on the water no matter what the activity, then check out some of the fun local cruises like whale watching trips or trips to look for bald eagles. These trips can take a few hours or they can be an all day adventure, and they usually provide you with a meal or at least a snack to keep you going, as well as whatever you will need to enjoy the trip, from parkas to binoculars depending on the trip. Find out ahead of time what is and is not provided, and what clothing is recommended.

You can also head inland for more adventures, including exciting trips like rock climbing or more scenic trips, like a guided horseback tour of the Alaskan countryside. You can take a guided hike through the wilderness near your port, or you can even take a trip with a group up to a national park like Glacier National Park to check out a sight worthy of being nationally protected. Think "natural!" Alaska is all about enjoying the natural environment.

Cruise ships will also partner with other tour companies to offer things like helicopter or plane flights over some of the more scenic areas of Alaska to allow you to enjoy the sights from a unique perspective. You can book these things on your own, but by planning through the cruise company, you can save a lot of money. No matter what you love, there is an activity for you in Alaska just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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