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What to Pack for your Alaskan Cruise

When you are on the Alaskan Cruise of your lifetime, you want to be sure that you have packed correctly so your cruise can be as comfortable as possible. There are several things that you should remember.

First of all, you want to pack in accordance with the general climates in Alaska. This means that for most of the cruise you are going to want to have long pants and long-sleeved shirts to wear. Remember that the best way to deal with chilly temperatures is to layer up, that way you can layer down when it gets too warm!

Remember that not every day will be ice-cold, either. Some of the weather can get very mild, so a couple of sets of shorts or skirts for the ladies would also be appropriate.

And, don't forget your bathing suit, of course! With the indoor and outdoor pools located on most of the Alaskan cruise ships, you will have plenty of time to spend in the water.

On a cruise ship, you are going to want to have some clothing for dress up occasions. There are several fancy dinners that you might attend, and there will be times where you will enjoy dressing up a little bit. Therefore, you should bring some nice outfits, and some clothing that will look good for dinners, dances, or shows.

When it comes to shoes, you want to be sure that you have packed several types. Of course, you will need dress shoes for your dress up occasions, warm shoes for those chilly days, and summer time shoes for when it gets warm. Be sure to pack hiking shoes or walking shoes for the off-shore excursions. Also, be sure that you pack some shoes to wear around the boat - flip-flops or slipper type shoes are often a good idea.

When you go offshore, you will want to have a jacket to wear in case it is a cold day. You will also want to have a lighter jacket for the warmer days, as well as a hat that you can wear in the sun.

Beyond clothing, there are a few other items you should be sure to pack. As with any summertime vacation, take plenty of sunscreen and bug spray. Make sure that you pack your camera for those great family shots with Alaska in the background or just Alaska itself. The cruise ship may have a small shop on board where you can buy disposable cameras, film, batteries, and other related items, but don't count on it. Plan ahead so that you can remember your voyage.

When packing, make sure that you have all valuable and breakable items on your person. As you board the ship, someone will pick up your bags to be sent to your cabin. This is a prime time for thieves to steal possessions from your suitcase. Make sure that you can keep an eye on anything valuable.

Or, simpley keep valuable items at home! Your Alaska cruise is all about relaxation and fun. Forget the irreplaceable jewelry, ringing blackberries, and laptops filled with work. Instead, take this time to spend with your family or to meet new people on the cruise.

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