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Dealing with Seasickness on an Alaska Cruise

Seasickness is a frustrating thing to deal with no matter where you are going. If you love to travel on the water, however, or you are interested in taking a boating trip, then you will have to deal with it. There are remedies, both natural and medicinal, that you can use to help yourself feel better on a trip over the sea.

Keep in mind, however, that you may not need to use any of these techniques if you are on a cruise ship. Most people get sea sick when the boat rocks back and forth on the waves and the smaller the boat, the more pronounced the sickness can become. If you are on a very large cruise ship, then the movement of the boat on the waves is negligible, and very, very few people become seasick.

If you are particularly vulnerable, then talk to your doctor about a prescription anti-nausea medication, or look for an over-the-counter variety that will help you feel better. Chewing on a piece of fresh or dried ginger can help, and ginger capsules are said to help with sea sickness as well.

If you prefer something that you don't have to remember to ingest, then you may prefer something like a pressure point band, which is worn about the wrist and which is supposed to alleviate motion sickness by keeping pressure on a particular point on your wrist.

Other forms of relief can include facing into the wind (be sure to turn away from the wind if you feel the need to vomit, though), lying down in a dark room, keeping your eyes on the horizon, or moving to the center of the boat to minimize the feeling of movement.

One or several of these methods can hopefully ensure that you have a wonderful cruise and no worries about a sick stomach. If all else fails, see your ships doctor. They can help you find a way to overcome your seasickness and enjoy the cruise.

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