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Skagway Travel Guide

As the gateway to the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s, Skagway still enjoys some of the rough and tumble reputation it enjoyed in those days. But this time, the action is reenacted and the settings reconstructed for the healthy tourist business it enjoys. One of Alaska's most enjoyable and entertaining port of calls, Skagway plays host to more than 35 cruise ships a year and the year round population of 800 swells with the addition of over 700,000 visitors each year. Four or five cruise ships can be found docked here at any of the five docks available.

Situated on the upper panhandle, Skagway sits at the north end of Lynn Canal, the northernmost fjord on the panhandle. With breathtaking vistas and deep, glacial chasms and fjords, Skagway is a feast for the eyes as well as the history buff.

Once described by the Tlingit Indians as "skagua" or "windy place," Skagway was inhabited by Native Alaskans for centuries before the first explorers found its solitude. Then, in 1887, Skookum Jim, a Tlingit, leads Capt. William Moore over a new pass up the Skaqua river valley. Then a member of Canada's Ogilvie survey party, Moore returns later that year with his son and claims 160 acres of the valley floor for himself and names the settlement Mooresville. On August 17, 1896, gold is discovered on a tributary of the Klondike River and the American gold rush begins. Word of the discovery quickly reaches the lower 48 and steamships begin to arrive filled with prospectors. The Moores are quickly overrun and the town is resurveyed and named Skagway.

As one of the most popular ports of call in Alaska, Skagway has effectively taken advantage of its colorful past. The downtown area, which is very walkable, has been restored to its frontier charm, complete with false fronted buildings and boardwalks. Gift shops offering art, native crafts and jewelry flourish in the restored buildings.

A variety of activities can be found ranging from adventure tours to vaudeville show re-enacting the Gold Rush. The White Pass and Yukon route narrow gauge railroad is now restored and runs only for the tourist industry.


Population: 862
Annual Rainfall: 26 inches
Average July Temperature: 68 / 50


Skagway Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (907) 983-1898 Address: 701 State St., Skagway

Skagway Convention & Visitors Bureau
Phone: (907) 983-2854


The Skagway News
Address: 264 Broadway St. Phone: (907) 983-2354

Skagway was part of the setting for Jack London's
"Call of the Wild."


Arctic Brotherhood Hall (Skagway Convention & Visitors Bureau)
Phone: (907) 983-2854 / (888) 762-1898

Corrington's Museum of Alaskan History
Address: 5th Ave. & Broadway Phone: (907) 983-2579

Golden North Hotel
Address: 3rd Ave. & Broadway Phone: (907) 983-3089

Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
Address: 2nd Ave. & Broadway Phone: (907) 983-2921 / (907) 983-9224

Moore Cabin
Address: 5th Ave. between Spring St. & Broadway Phone: (907) 983-2921

Skagway Museum
Address: 7th Ave. & Spring St. Phone: (907) 983-2420


Skagway Inn Bed & Breakfast
Address: 655 Broadway Phone: (907) 983-2289

Mile Zero Bed & Breakfast
Address: 9th Ave. & Main St. Phone: (907) 983-3045

The White House
Address: 8th Ave. & Main St.Phone: 907-983-9000

Sgt. Preston's Lodge
Address: 370 6th Ave. Phone: (907) 983-2521

Skagway Home Hostel
Address: 3rd Ave. near Main St. Phone: (907) 983-2131


Stowaway Cafe
Address: 205 Congress Way Phone: (907) 983-3463

Skagway Pizza Station
Address: 444 4th Ave. Phone: (907) 983-2200

Glacial Smoothies & Espresso
Address: 336 3rd Ave. Phone: (907) 983-3223

Sweet Tooth Cafe
Address: 315 Broadway Phone: (907) 983-2405

Skagway Fish Company
Address: 201 Congress Way Phone: 907-983-3474

Skagway Brewing Company
Address: Broadway between 7th & 8th Phone: (907) 983-2739

Red Onion Saloon
Address: 205 Broadway Phone: (907) 983-2414

Alaska Gourmet Cafe
Address: 361 5th Ave. Phone: (907) 983-2448

Bonanza Bar & Grill (Westmark Inn)
Address: 330 Broadway Phone: (907) 983-6214

Chilkoot Dining Room (Westmark Inn)
Address: 242 3rd Ave. Phone: (907) 983-6000

Excelsior Cafe
Address: 270 2nd Ave. Phone: (907) 983-2908

Northern Lights Pizza
Address: 4th & Broadway Phone: (907) 983-2225

A tour bus operator is responsible for saving much of the old Skagway, including the Gold Rush Cemetery, from destruction.


Skagway Public Library
Address: 769 State St. Phone: (907) 983-2665


Dyea Dave Shuttle - Phone: (907) 209-5031

SMART (bus system) - Phone: (907) 983-2743

Sockeye Cycle
Address: 381 5th Ave. Phone: (907) 983-2851


Skagway Airport


Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game - Haines/Skagway
Address: Mile 1 Haines Hwy. Phone: (907) 766-2625


Dahl Memorial Clinic / Skagway Medical Service
Address: 310 11th Ave. Phone: (907) 983-2255

Cruise passengers are forewarned about the rain in Ketchikan. Few places get more rain (151 inches annually).


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