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4-Day to Two Week Alaskan Cruises

The length of your journey depends entirely on where you start from and on your own personal preferences. You may have enough money only for a day or two of cruising, and in this case you would be well advised to spend as long as you can and enjoy what you can afford. Do not try to stretch your dollars out by taking a room that you will hate or by taking an inferior cruise; it is better to enjoy a few days than to spend a stressful week.

If you love being at sea and thoroughly enjoy activities like relaxing in the sun, swimming in the ship board pool or having fun with other ship board activities, then you will enjoy a longer cruise with plenty of days at sea and nowhere in particular that you have to be at any given time. This relaxing way of living is great for anyone who does not have a particular need to move.

If, however, you can't get enough activity and love to spend long days hiking, biking, or enjoy exploring new places, then you will quickly get bored on a ship no matter how many amenities the ship offers. You will want to book a shorter trip, or one with frequent stops. Beware ships that spend many days at sea. Even only two or three days can seem like a very long time for someone who loves to explore new places.

Another factor is your own vacation time - you obviously cannot take a two week cruise if you only have a week's worth of vacation time - and the length of cruises offered. Some cruise liners only make trips that last a maximum of a couple of weeks, some even less, so if you are planning on traveling to Alaska, keep in mind that your cruise length can only be as long as the longest run.

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