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Traveling to Alaska is a wonderful adventure, and can be the trip of the lifetime. When to go depends entirely on the type of activities that you enjoy, and the summer months are often best for outdoor activities that do not involve snow and ice. However, if you are planning a cruise to Alaska, the best time to travel would be during the warmer summer months.

Many cruise ships begin to travel to Alaska in May according to, although some smaller cruise lines may start up to a month early (if it is warm enough) to get a jump on the travel industry. The cruises operate for several months, running all through the summer and into the fall, usually ending by late September, although many tourist shops choose not to operate in Alaska before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.

If you are planning your cruise to get away from it all, then plan to head out in May, when the crowds are thinner and the tourist season is only beginning in the port towns, leading to the friendliest of locals. The weather is a little chillier than it will be later in the season, but it can be worth it to see the beauty of Alaska before the rest of the tourists get there.

June is typically the driest month of the year in Alaska, and July and August tend to be the warmest, with temperatures reaching up to 80 during the day, making it a pleasant temperature to head out with a nice sweater or even less. Layering is important in Alaska no matter what part of the season, as Alaska weather can change on you relatively quickly. Keep a coat with you and an umbrella handy in the earlier months of the tourist season, and you will have a wonderful Alaskan adventure.

Of course, you can also plan a trip to Alaska earlier or later in the year and book a short day-cruise, which may be running if the water is warm enough. Your cruise options in Alaska aren't limited to July! This northern state isn't the cold, icy land stereotypically depicted in the media. Traveling by cruise is possible during most of the year.

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