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What Makes Them So Popular?

Work is getting stressful, home life is getting boring, and the local attractions are just not so attractive anymore - time for a vacation! There are many options for your vacationing needs, and there are plenty of places that would welcome you by land, air, or sea, but there are few vacations that could possibly be as relaxing and enjoyable as a cruise.

Going on a cruise is much more relaxing than most other ways of traveling. Whenever you take a trip, the focus is on enjoying the destination, and many people find that the actual journey itself is miserable and stressful. Double that on the way home and you have just added enough stress to your life to undo the fun and relaxation of your entire vacation.

Instead of adding untold stress to your life, consider taking a cruise. You drive to the port or find someone willing to drive you there, and from that moment forward your every need is taken care of and catered to. You will be checked in dockside, where your bags may be taken from you and placed in your room so that you do not have to carry them. On most cruises you are given your room information and escorted onto the ship where you have your choice of activities, from lounging in your room with a book or watching a movie on the ship's TV to heading up to the deck and bidding your home town goodbye with a cocktail in one hand and lots of happy people all around you.

Once you are on board, food is paid for and the rest of your needs are charged to your room, making it easy to go where you want, do what you want, and enjoy your time on the ship. There are bars and dances, games and movies, and usually amenities like a health spa, a gym, and even often a casino depending on the type of cruise. Everything, in most cases, in included in your final price, so cruises are a very budget-friendly way to travel.

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of a cruise is that you get to see more of Alaska this way. Alaska is a huge state, and by land, you can only travel through a small portion of it. By air, you will travel farther, but you won't actually get to see much of the state. Cruises are the best of both worlds!

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